Publisher Innovation

A new feature for PMI London 2014, we invited publishers innovating within the space to tell us what it is that sets them apart from the crowd – with a select four offered the chance to take a place on the exhibition floor.

On day one the dedicated Create track will feature seven specifically crafted sessions and an hour of publisher power pitches for attendees to sink their teeth into. Expect to hear from publishers showcasing how they're turning consumers into brand ambassadors or the latest innovation in social commerce; and from networks, agencies and technology providers providing insights into the ways in which publishers could be maximising their traffic; and generating higher revenue for themselves and their partners.

Hear from the Publishers in Power Pitches

  • 13:30–Grabble
  • 13:40–Social Superstore
  • 13:50–Liberty Vaults
  • 14:00–haveyouseen